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Hotpot flavor unique, enticing greedy saliva, called for the winter in the "gallery spring", as diners relish. Heat the butter

into the pan first, put pepper 15 grams, 25 grams of dry chilli, ginger, garlic until fragrant, then add the Sichuan spicy hot pot

seasoning saute, stir into the rice. The remaining material will be placed in the pan with the soup pot drums, cook your favorite

food on junior food dish with a pot.




制作步骤 1 乳猪治净后放在工作台上,把五香粉和精盐擦抹在猪的腹腔内


"Porchetta" Guangzhou's most famous specialties. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty dish has been listed as one of "eight

treasures", then known as the "gun dolphin." After a suckling pig production steps rule the net on the table, wipe the allspice

and salt in a pig's abdominal cavity, marinate for about 30 minutes, then put sauce, fermented bean curd, sesame, sugar, garlic,

shallot puree, Velvet onion, monosodium glutamate, cornstarch, allspice, etc. and mix thoroughly, apply in pig cavity, then






Pot package of meat is a famous Dongbei, generally dishes are particular about the color, smell, taste, type, and provided that such food but also add a "sound", when that is chewed, should issue a similar kind of sound when eating popcorn

which is a sign of crisp, pork-based materials dishes. Upcoming featured marinated pork tenderloin slices tasty, wrapped in fried until golden brown syrup picked up the pot

tir the pot and then thicken Serve. Into a dish golden color, crisp outside and tender, sour mouth, sweet mouth, salty mouth different tastes.




烹调出 来的肉质一点也不会变韧,口感滑嫩,油而不腻。既去除了鱼的腥味,又保持了鱼的鲜嫩。满目的辣椒红亮养眼,辣而不燥,麻而不苦

麻上头, 辣过瘾”,让水煮鱼在......

Boiled fish, also known as "river boiled river fish", the Department of Yubei flavor. Seemingly primitive practice, the actual

workmanship - choose fresh fresh fish, but also full of warm chili, BNI effect, out of the meat is not cooked become tough, taste

delicious, not greasy oil. Not only removes the smell of fish, but also to maintain the fish fresh. Hongliang seductive stretch of

chili, spicy but not dry, but not bitter hemp. "Ma on top, spicy fun," so popular in the country boiled fish was a mess.






Grilled kidneys can also be warm mix,

and the role of the child as well as kidney impotence kidney. Eat too much calorie grilled kidneys

oday Xiaobian teach you a warm mix waist silk.




川北凉 粉是采用优质豌豆去壳,用水浸泡后,磨成细浆,然后过滤去渣,沉淀脱水,制成豆粉。再经加热搅拌成糊状,装入盆、盘待用

凉粉制作法有很 多种,可也用绿......

Kawakita jelly, snacks original farmhouse, dating back more than 90 years of history. Kawakita jelly since the advent of the late

Qing Dynasty, with its unique red spicy alcohol, delicious and refreshing style is renowned in Sichuan Bashu, has spread

Kawakita jelly is made ??of high quality shelled peas, soaked with water, and ground into a fine paste and then filtered to the residue

made ??from soy flour. Stir into a paste and then heated, into pots, plates and set aside. There are many jelly production method, can also make a distinction between different flavors of jelly influence, and nutritional value and jelly with green beans and rice.





We look at "from the stars you" when all know hyun likes beer and eating fried chicken in the street.

the love of food to eat certain goods were also noted in hyun friend opened a restaurant, she would often eat some authentic Korean cuisine, which had bibimbap

The following Xiaobian finishing a healthy and delicious, how to eat not fat bibimbap practices





Parents who like to watch drama, often seen eating in the scene, will be arrayed with a bowl on the table, "miso soup", then perhaps the world no country portraits Korean so keen to soup up

Korean drink miso soup, mainly because the materials simple, nutritious, delicious taste. Now, Xiao Bian taught you how to make this tasty and nutritious soup

the operation is very simple, zero cooking can easily make this delicious Oh!





Roast beef belongs Korean cuisine, the main raw material is beef, taste is sweet, craft roasted to produce intermediate difficulty belong

Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer than pork to human needs, can improve the body's resistance to disease, growth

development and post-surgery aftercare are particularly suitable in terms of blood loss supplement, repair organizations.





then known as the "gun dolphin.

fter a suckling pig production steps rule the net on the table, wipe the allspice and salt in a pig's abdominal cavity,

marinate for about 30 minutes, then put sauce, fermented bean curd, sesame, sugar, garlic, shallot puree, Velvet onion, monosodium glutamate, cornstarch, allspice, etc





Oyster is a traditional tonic, according to "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "oysters, government wasting, impotence, detoxify, men and women make up blood, the skin delicate, senility labor", "rich in vitamins, proteins and cholesterol, but suffering

gout, high blood pressure should be carefully controlled appetite

Methods of food variety, can be used as. Early adopters before appetizers eaten raw, can also be enjoyed as a staple food after cooking flavored, ready-to-eat, taste better





Matsutake, also known as pine mushroom, is a rare mushroom

Fresh mushroom, umbrella-shaped if, bright color, brown cap, stipe is white, fibrous hairs have scales, strain the meat soft white hypertrophy, fine texture, rich special aroma

Delicious matsutake always a beautiful day for people, let's look at how delicious matsutake soup is done.